Friday, 30 September 2011

Flavour of the month

From top: Vogue Fashion Celebration Night, Paris ; Pucci Spring/summer 2011; Stella Mccartney Fall 2011; Chanel cruise 2012; Prada spring/summer 2012 ; in Gucci ; Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2012

I have several imminent questions for Natasha Poly..

1. Seriously did you get any sleep the past few weeks? Flitting from the runway of Fendi, Stella, Chanel, Pucci, Salvatore, Balmain, Lanvin, Cavalli and the next..PHEW!
2. How did you manage to bag the hottest looks of all the collections? Take for example THAT polka dot Stella Mccartney dress, already spotted on Kate Winslet, and the most epic hanky Pucci dress.
3. How do you manage to look so different in every shot? I think it's something called versatility..
4. Most importantly, did you get to keep that Prada car clutch?


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The shape of the shoe

I would like to share my love of CHUNKY feet. 

Burberry Prorsum fall 2011; 2 x Burberry wedges; Sandro Alma shoes

Monday, 26 September 2011

Monica Vinader comes to town

My first trip to the sparkling new Monica Vinader store on South Molton Street, (increasingly becoming my favourite shopping destination in London..Sandro, Browns, Maje and co) did not disappoint. Surrounded by gleaming jewels, signature Fiji bracelets, and amazing faceted cocktail rings, I picked myself up an 18ct gold vermeil Ava pendant with an orange sapphire stone set. Something to wear with everything, as the rather excitable shop assistant assured me..GORG!

I have always loved Monica's pieces, which are so wearable yet so distinct. AND I have major gripes about concessions..they never have the one piece that you want! So I love that Monica has opened up her first boutique in London. If only I could teleport the whole collection into my drawer..

Here are a few of my favourites from the current collection..
Rio bracelet £130

Nugget drop earrings, black onyx £275

Medina Facet ring £145
Nugget cuff £450
Perfect evening arm bling

14 South Molton Street 

Saturday, 17 September 2011


For goodness sake Victoria, your newborn baby, barely out your womb, is not a fashion accessory that you've bought just in time for fashion week. If you must, then please put on a pair of FLATS or WALKING BOOTS because the sight of you teetering around in 6 inches with a tiny human being in your arms is making me feel nervous.. Also has anyone told you you are developing a permanent hunchback because of your ridiculous sized heels.. 
looking like you're in pain is not a good look..

Suri Cruise is so last year darling.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

She really loves the pink

Remember the infamous poofy pink bubblegum dress Gwyneth wore to the Oscars? 
It's been updated by Prada for the year 2011..