Monday, 21 November 2011


Gossip Girl 100th episode party
(in true fugtastic style)

Points I have observed:

1. Blake Lively actually looks bad. Like she doesn't look like the usual hotness dazzling blonde smiliness. And it takes one ultimate fugly dress to do it. Eurgh I'm developing an allergic reaction to those silver tassels..

2. Then add in the dimunitive and slightly annoying Chloe Moretz. One Lively plus one Moretz equals exponential rise in clashing ugliness.

3. A fourteen year old in Stella McCartney? With opaque tights? And two-tone ankle strap shoes? Yup you said it.



  1. LOL. Where is Chloe's head going? She needs a brace. STAT. lol

  2. haha agree re the tassles as i'm also not a fan, but i must confess to still being envious - that girl looks incredible no matter what!

    B xx

  3. hehe... I don't think Blake looks good either. That dress is bad!

  4. agree with you except about blake- i think she looks amazing!


  5. Where were stylists?? Those two look which one call fahion-didaster.

  6. Me either doesn't feel she's good lookin' in that dress! Her body looks like a sagging potato fries! Sorry for the word but I am just being honest to myself!

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