Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Pippa Appeal

Will SOMEONE get this girl a new handbag please?

Pippa Middleton has a favourite bag. You know the one..that tan leather Modalu creation which is now pretty much synonymous with Pips. Unfortunately for her, it's noone else's favourite.

So I say to you, what about this Prada Python number? It's in the style of a briefcase, with a long strap and uber smart but BANG on trend

Prada, £3200

Too much? For a more gentle introduction to fashion, what about an upgrade to a Chloe Madeleine leather duffel bag. A far more sophisticated shape and an eye-popping shade of tan.

Chloe, £1250


  1. I actually don't mind her bag. I think it's timeless and classic just like her.


  2. She looks really cool I see the effect! xD I like her bag already but she can always get more! :)

  3. just because she has e nice bum