Tuesday, 11 October 2011

If in doubt, start a blog..

So all I know about Olivia Palermo is that she likes to mix prints and has a thing for statement necklaces and leather shorts. Oh and she has incredibly shiny hair (seriously, this girl would sell more hairspray than Cheryl ever could). But what does she actually DO? You know, like on a day to day basis..how does she fill the time between breakfast and teatime? Well she's found herself a proper job! 
Well, not quite..

So she's just launched her new blog - surprisingly named oliviapalermo.com - but fear not, she won't have to work those manicured nails too hard! She has hired a team of fifteen staff, including an editor at large and eleven regular contributors, as well as someone to some arty drawings. So it should be more like oliviapalermo-and-other-contributing-editors.com then..

One to add to the reading list?

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