Friday, 14 October 2011

Erdem. It's in the detail

Erdem Spring Summer 2012

Erdem is one the greats. Noone can outdo Erdem's prints. Like an expensive garden party filled with ladies and English roses. I think it's the epitome of the image women would like to project - the modern lady.

And Erdem is my fantasy wedding dress designer. Imagine the trails of Erdem lace! *Shudder*

BUT this is my absolute favourite -
not even supermodels can escape the hazards of walking in new shoes..


  1. If you were a model, and you'd walked in high heels that didn't really fit you for Paris, London, Milan and NY fashion week, you'd probably result to plasters too.

  2. yum yum want one of everything. I had never heard of this label, so I'm glad you posted!