Sunday, 14 August 2011

Watch Out Kate..

Prince Harry's got a new bird (supposedly).

The rumoured new replacement of Chelsea Davey is another blonde by the name of Florence Brudenell-Bruce. Yes the name is certainly quite posh, and she's got the voluminous golden mane, but unfortunately her career is not so much foie gras as sausage and mash. Her wikipedia page informs me that she has modelled for John Lewis and Ann Summers, and has dated Jenson Button. We also know she likes sneakers and shops at Waitrose (where else).

And most recently she stars in a rather amusing Paddy Power TV advert (for those of you who reside outside the UK, it is a well-known betting shop). I would love to see Kate Middleton slumming it in an advert for Betfred..

So what say you? Will the Queen approve of those scruffy sneakers? Or is she just what the Royal Family need?

1 comment:

  1. Haha, Ive heard of that girl. I like her, she is pretty neat. The Queen Idk waht her royal highness would ponder and inquire.