Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bag It

After a spot of lunch at Spuntino, in Soho, I popped into the Marylebone branch of Matches.

After a speedy look around, being a speedy kind of shopper, I spied the now tiny, sorry-looking sale section of unwanted goods (come on, the sale started about a month ago!) to see what had been left behind. If you're still hanging around, surely there's got to be something wrong with you right?

But then I spotted a GEM. I love maroon..I love Celine..I love a fold over flap. And there sitting waiting was an amalgamation of all things I love..

I saw the endless possibilities. Wear casually with jeans over the shoulder, wear as a clutch with a LBD and quilted gave me instant bag shudders (as I call them).

If my memory serves me right, it was priced at a hefty £900, down from £1600. Sadly I hadn't won the Euromillions last week so I had to let it go..begrudgingly. 

Please someone give it a good home!

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