Saturday, 23 July 2011

Nipple Talk

I recently came across these photos of Natalia Vodianova at a Tom Ford store opening way back in February (yes I know, I'm so behind the times). The first thing that caught my eye were those amazing vampy lace come-get-me shoes, but then I saw those two nipple shaped things staring back at me through her sheer blouse. Natalia is one of my favourite models, but I really don't think nipples are for public knowledge, do you? Or maybe I'm just a prude. Maybe all her black bras were in the wash? 

I proceeded to be even more perturbed when I saw the next picture..yes she brought her son along to the shindig! Surely he's going to grow up thinking it's perfectly normal to show off your nipples to random men taking photographs in the street. Hmm.

So is it ever ok to flash your nipples off the catwalk? Is it something that should be exclusively reserved for supermodels? 

Personally, I would never expose my puppies, even for Tom Ford..


  1. .. thanks for zooming in on her nipples? don't really like her outfit

  2. She is so beautiful...but agree with you about the exposed no!

  3. For Tom Ford? depends on how much he begged me

  4. I agree with everything you are saying here, but I love her outfit :) and the lace shoes