Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Posh girls gone wrong

I have recently discovered that posh girls have a distinct repulsion to good shoes. And Pippa, Chelsea, and dare I say it the new fashion darling Kate Middleton, are all at it.

One style that has become a Sloane Street staple is the raffia wedge pumps. These bulky eye sores seem to have spawned from LK Bennett, and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse..they made them shiny. Too cumbersome, too much one colour, and the wrong side of bland.

Remember Pips, one McQueen maketh you a fashionista not. Must try harder next time. Especially when you're sitting near Anna Wintour who rocked Wimbledon today with a striped Prada dress. Game, set and match.

If you would also like some fugly shoes, head to your nearest LK Bennett. Or alternatively, here are the best wedges around.

Clockwise from top left:
Yves Saint Laurent £405; Guiseppe Zanotti; Zara £29.99; Marni £390; Miu Miu £420; Chloe £575; Sam Edelman £195


  1. I agree, I can be partial to a bit of raffia but these girls seem partial to a heel size that's befitting of a dowdy mother rather than a fashion leader. And I say that as a mother myself.

    They may as well be wearing Crocs or FitFlops.

  2. Hiya, you are fairly spot on here. The shoe's are beyond dull, though it's not that they are L.K. Bennett's , or even that they are Raffia wedges, it's two things. 1. The heel height, is really really safe and settled. 2. The shoe has a nice little "roundy" front, not the bit at the tips of the toes, but at the start of the toes, on top of the foot. It's gently curved. A sharp "V" is much sexier. All round, as far as I'm concerned both girls are very good looking have very nice clothes, to a point, but really most outfits they wear are about 20 years too old for them. One word sums it up. "MUMSY" (Have they heard of edgy?)

  3. Ah ha ha, I just read the bit about the Crocs or FitFlops.....Crocs with socks anyone? Very good Alice, I see you are a you not a mother of a 23 year old like me.....and I AM VERY STRICT ABOUT AGE APPROPRIATE fact their outfits would suit my age!

  4. Yes they really may as well be wearing crocs! I'm glad someone agrees :)

  5. It's got nothing to do with heel size, 5 inches does not maketh the shoe. Their shoes are bland and often paired with the wrong outfit. And always a closed shoe, no matter the season, the location, the event..hmmmm